Thursday, February 22, 2007


“Fighting poverty” under the current global economic system is like fighting steam in a Turkish bath…

The global economic system is itself creating mass global human misery and poverty. The current global economic system rests and prospers on the foundation of human exploitation, oppression, enslavement and economic injustice, which inevitably bears fruits of human misery, suffering, poverty and hunger, which is the worst form of violence.

Thus, human misery and poverty are a direct result of the unfair and unjust global economic system. Thus, to put an end to human poverty, we must change the global economic system and build it on the Moral foundation of economic and social justice. Moreover, the outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. Thus, as Gandhi said:

“We must be the change we seek to see in this world…”

“You cannot build a non-violent society on the foundation of exploitation. Exploitation is the essence of violence…

The extension of the Law of non-violence in the domain of economics means nothing less than the introduction
of Moral Laws to be used in guiding international commerce.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Thus, we must build a new global economic system built on the foundation of non-violence laid by Mahatma Gandhi and governed by Moral Laws governing the Universe and operating within ourselves.

MORAL LAWS GOVERNING THE UNIVERSE ( To be used in guiding international commerce)

Creative Force




The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a US legislation aimed at benefiting the US cotton and textile sector. Beyond the official development rhetoric, definition and stated objectives of AGOA, the real and targeted aim of AGOA is:

1) To find a ready market for the uncompetitive (and heavily–subsidized) US cotton yarns and fabrics.
2) To get access to cheap (slave) labor in sub-Saharan Africa - through infamous Export Processing Zones (EPZ) or better described as Enslavement Processing Zones- for the manufacture of garments made using US cotton yarn and fabrics and destined for the US market.
3) To generate huge profits for US-based garment traders who market and sell the garments thus produced back in the US.


1) US Cotton and textile industry ( i.e. industrial cotton growers, spinners, weavers, traders, etc.)
2) US garment industry ( traders, wholesalers, retailers, shippers, etc.)


African cotton farmers
Cotton and textile industry in sub-Saharan Africa ( ginners, spinners, weavers, etc)

US cotton subsidies & AGOA: The last nail in the coffin of the African cotton & textile sector…

Both, US (illegal) cotton subsidies and the AGOA are at the root cause of the collapse of the entire cotton sector in sub-Saharan Africa. US trade distorting cotton subsidies lead to a structural over supply of cotton, resulting in a decline of cotton prices on the world market. As a result, non-subsidized small-scale African cotton farmers are unable to compete and are driven out of cotton farming due to continuously declining prices of cotton and increasing prices of imported farming inputs resulting from unfair global Terms of Trade. As a direct result, the entire cotton sector in sub-Saharan Africa has collapsed and millions of small-scale African cotton farmers have been thrown deeper into poverty.

Third Country Clause under AGOA

The Third Country Clause under AGOA allows African countries to import yarn and fabrics from the US and from other countries outside Africa. Thus, under this model, the African cotton sector does not benefit since the yarns and fabrics used in the production of garments under the AGOA scheme is made from cotton grown and processed in the country of origin outside Africa. Furthermore, the yarn and fabrics have themselves been processed using subsidies and made with heavily subsidized cotton in the country of origin, thus further threatening and preventing the revival of the cotton sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

Thus, AGOA is exclusively serving the economic interests of the US Cotton , textile and garment industry at the expense of the cotton sector in sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, the 3rd country clause directly favors the US and other non-African cotton and textile industries at the expense of the local African cotton & textile sector.

In this biased and unfair context, how can Africa revive both its cotton and textile sectors? US Cotton subsidies have led to the collapse of the African cotton sector and AGOA has sealed the coffin of both the cotton and the textile sector. How can Africa produce its own fabrics if it is prevented from growing its own cotton…?

US Cotton subsidies and the AGOA are the last nails that have definitely sealed the coffin of the African cotton and textile sector.


THE BUSINESS OF POVERTY ( An overview of a growing and lucrative sector)

The business of poverty is a highly profitable and lucrative business venture. Those who chose to work in this field can live very comfortable lives ( i.e. + 5 digits annual salaries, villas, servants, 6 weeks annual paid-holidays, etc.) and prosper at the expense of the countless and the unlimited supply of the billions of poor, exploited and oppressed people from around the world. Furthermore, poverty is a market in constant expansion resulting from widespread global economic and social injustice, resulting in an unlimited supply of poor and oppressed people around the world, which in turn creates a pool of unlimited business opportunities around the world for those who possess the “skills” to tap into this lucrative market ( see qualifications and skills required below) Poverty is truly a global business with global opportunities, and “development experts” predict that the exponential growth in poverty is a long-term trend which is recession free!

Thus, all morally deprived individuals must seize this opportunity by tapping into the lucrative and highly profitable business of poverty. Forget about Information Technology, Manufacturing, Services, etc. These sectors have been lost to modern slave laborers in slave-wage countries who are more than happy to work as Coolies of the West for slave wages under slavery conditions.

Thus, prepare yourselves to acquire the skills needed to work in this highly lucrative and exponentially expanding market by becoming a certified “DEVELOPMENT EXPERT” “FIGHTING POVERTY” in less than 2 weeks! You will learn to master the art of deception and the art of hypocrisy and learn valuable lessons on HOW TO PROSPER AND LIVE A VERY COMFORTABLE LIFE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE POOR, THE EXPLOITED AND THE OPPRESSED FROM AROUND THE WORLD, WHILE PRETENDING TO BE HELPING THEM.


Offers two-weeks courses on how to become a “Development expert” “fighting poverty” around the world.
Learn how to become an expert human parasite in two weeks and tap into the highly lucrative and ever-growing business of poverty


Courses offered:

Art of deception
Falsehood and Lies ( How to master these essential working tools)
How to prosper at the expense of the poor, the oppressed and exploited people from around the world, while pretending to be helping them…
Indifference to human misery and suffering (Introduction)


4) HUMAN PARASITE ( The ability to live off and profit from other peoples’ miseries)