Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Imagine a boardgame called Globalization...; The object of the game is to
amass as much wealth as possible at the expense of the "opponent".

There are two players; one player we will refer to as G8 and the other as Rest of the World.

The G8 player sets the rules of the game in his favor, and is allowed to "cheat" when the rules are not working to his advantage; The Rest of the World has to strictly adhere to those rules even if they are unfair and biased in favor of
the G8 player. The motto of the G8 to the rest of the world is "
do as I say, not as I do...

The pawns of the G8 are given tremendous power over the pawns of the Rest of
the world; they are allowed to move freely accross the globe, while the pawns 
of the rest of the world 
are severely restricted in their freedom of movement. The pawns of the G8 are allocated a highly valued moneraty currency of exchange
and are paid high wages for their labor; The pawns of the Rest of the world are allocated a worthless monetary currency of exchange - whose nominal value is set by the G8 player - and are paid "slave" wages for 
their labor.

The G8 player use powerful corporate and commercial pawns called MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS to exploit both natural
resources and human labor in the rest of the world.
They use a
tactic - which they call "delocalization" - to tranfer technology,
machinery and capital
practices and then sell them back in high-wage countries, 
pocketing the difference.

According to the rules of the game, machinery, technology, capital, goods, services  and information are all allowed to move freely accross
the globe. However, humans from the Rest of the Word ( with the exception of the favored human pawns from the G8 countries) are severely restricted 
and/or banned in their migration accross the globe. 

The G8 player has a set of powerful economic, financial
and commercial pawns called IMF, WORLD BANK, WTO to design, implement and inforce the rules of the games upon the Rest of the world. 

In the event that these pawns are unable to enforce the rules of 
the game, powerful armed pawns are called upon to enforce the 
rules of the game upon the rest of the world.

The stage is set for the globalization of poverty...  

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