Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yajna or self-sacrifice is the law of life

(A) Yajna is (B) the spirit of self-sacrifice
(B) The spirit of self-sacrifice is (C) the essence of the Cosmic Order
(C) The essence of the Cosmic order is itself (D) the Law of Life.



Therefore: A=D

Therefore: Yajna or self-sacrifice is the Law of Life

‘Yajna’ means an act devoted to the welfare of others, done without desiring any return for it, whether of a temporal or spiritual nature.

‘Act’ here must be taken in its widest sense and includes thought, word and deed.

‘Others’ embraces not only humanity but all of life.

As Mahatma Gandhi said:

"Yajna in its widest context must be an act which conduces the most to the welfare of the greatest numbers in the widest area, and which can be performed by the largest number of men and women."

Yajna or self-sacrifice is seen as the creative act of weaving that cosmic fabric in which everything has its place and receives its meaning

Mission of Yajna centre

The mission of Yajna centre is both the economic & social welfare and the spiritual elevation of humanity.

The economic & social welfare of humanity is a means to the end.
The end is the moral and spiritual elevation of mankind.

To those who are hungry and unemployed, God can dare reveal Himself only as work and wages as the assurance of food. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Yajna center will strive to design and construct a global economic system built on the foundation of non-violence laid by Mahatma Gandhi, and guided and governed by Moral Laws governing the universe.

Yajna Center will strive to achieve its end mission by helping humanity recognize, discover and live in conformity with the Moral Laws governing the universe and operating within ourselves.

As Mahatma Gandhi said:

The extension of the law of non-violence in the domain of economics means nothing less than the introduction of moral values to be used in regulating international commerce.

You cannot build a non-violent society based on exploitation.

Exploitation is the essence of violence.


· Intelligence
· Creative Force
· Selfless action
· Sacrifice
· Generosity
· Justice
· Truth
· Love


· Perfection
· Harmony
· Beauty
· Abundance
· Peace


Arya A. Tajdin
Founder & Executive Director
Yajna Centre

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