Sunday, May 27, 2007



I think it is dangerous to confuse the idea of democracy with elections;
Just because you have elections doesn’t mean you’re a democratic country.
Arundhati Roy

Let us objectively briefly analytically review the (so-called) “democratic” election process which serves to legitimate (so-called) democratically-elected governments and which is used as the foundation for the functioning of all democratic institutions.

Let us, for the purpose of our analysis, make the following assumptions about country X which is conducting presidential elections with 5 candidates (A, B, C, D, E)


  • Total Population = 100 million inhabitants
  • % of total population eligible to vote ( based on Constitution): 60% = 60 million inhabitants
  • % of voters that actually cast their electoral votes: 70% = 42 million inhabitants.

First round election results:

  • Candidate A gets 30% of the votes = 12, 600, 000
  • Canditate B gets 25% of the votes = 10, 500, 000
  • Remaining 3 candidates ( C, D, E ) share the balance of the votes (45%) among them
  • Thus, candidate A & B together win the so-called “majority” of votes (55%) in the first round and are thus qualified – under the "electoral rules" – to run for a second round.
  • Candidates C, D, and E are disqualified from the electoral process – according to the electoral rules - since they failed to obtain the “majority” of votes in the first round.
Second round of election results:

  • Number of voters casting their votes during the second round: 24 millions voters out of 60 million eligible voters and 100 million total population => 23% of total population or 40% of eligible voters.
  • Candidate A gets 55 % of the votes = 13, 200, 000 votes
  • Candidate B gets 45 % of the votes = 10, 800, 000 votes

Thus, under current (misleading and fraudulent) so-called "democratic" electoral rules, Candidate A wins the "democratic" presidential elections by a "majority” of votes...!

However, let us objectively and analyticaly look beyond the deceitful and fraudulent rhetoric and let the number speak and reveal the Truth.

The declared winner of the “democratic” presidential election has won 13.2 million votes, out of a total of 60 million eligible voters and 100 million inhabitants , which- in fact - only represents 22% of the eligible votes and 13.2% of the voices of the total population. How then can he legitimately claim to have been elected “democratically” with a “majority” of the votes…?

Even after deducting the voices of the 40 millions inhabitants who – under the electoral rules – are forbidden to vote, there still remains 46.8 millions people who did NOT vote for candidate A.

What about the voices of these remaining eligible 46.8 million voters  who did NOT vote for candidate A, but who nevertheless constrained and obliged to be ruled by candidate A and thus to be directly affected by the political rule and economic, social, political and legislative policies developed and implemented during his presidential reign…?

Why should 46.8 million eligible voters  who did NOT vote for candidate A + 40 million inhabitants who have been not been authorized to vote in the election be constrained to recognize, accept and obey his rule? Furthermore, why should they surrender a portion of their income and earnings in taxes to the administration of a president for whom they did not vote…?

The above brief analysis of the so-called “democratic” electoral process CLEARLY reveals that the whole electoral process is deceitful, inherently flawed and fraudulent and thus needs to be urgently reformed, for the sake of true democracy for the true majority of all people.

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