Saturday, August 29, 2009


King Leopold II committed the largest genocide of the 19th-20th century in the Congo, which he criminally and arrogantly seized and exploited as his own private property. The local inhabitants were savagely exploited, oppressed, amputed and killed by the millions while being violently coerced to supply Leopold with rubber.

Tragically, the widespread exploitation of the Congo's wealth and the oppression and mass murder of its people continues unabated today - with total impunity - by the Kingdom of Belgium (and many others), over a century after Leopold's death. The forms and methods have changed, but the objectives remain the same. Missionaries and the gospel of "civilization" have been replaced by "Belgian/EU bureaucrats", NGO's, etc. preaching false "development" rhetoric...The objectives remains the same: the exploitation & oppression of the local inhabitants and the looting of their natural resources...

Please click ont the title link above to view the heartbreaking documentary by BBC 4 - White King, Red Rubber, Black Death - on the exploitative and murderous rubber trade legacy of King Leopold II during his genocidal reign in the Congo which lasted from 1885-1908.

You can also view the award winning film - KING LEOPOLD'S GHOST - which retraces his criminal and genocidal legacy in the Congo.

I hope and pray that he - and his present day successors disguised as "development experts & humanitarians" - burn in hell for Eternity!

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