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The Maastricht Treaty & the Economic and Financial enslavement of European Citizens

The (hidden) objective behind the formation of the European Union (EU) is to centralize and to take over complete control over the money supply of sovereign states in Europe through the European Central Bank (ECB), which if of course entirely owned and controlled by the same private banksters that control the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) in the US and the World Bank/IMF in the (so-called) Third World.

Please read the following Open Letter I addressed to B. Obama on the fraudulent US banking architecture and the FED: http://yajnacentre.blogspot.com/2008/11/open-letter-to-barrack-obama-regarding.html

In fact if you read through the EU constitution (Treaty of Maastricht), European states are explicitly forbidden from printing and issuing their own currencies ( the inviolable constitutional right of any sovereign nation) Instead, they MUST “borrow” all of their (fiat)money from the privately-owned European Central Bank (ECB) as “debt” at interest - which the Europeans are coerced to repay through taxation- thus economically enslaving all hard-working Europeans to the private banksters…(Modern-day form of slavery, based on "debt", fiat currency, private Central Banking and Fractional Reserve Banking, as in the US through the FED, and in the rest of the world through the World Bank and the IMF)

I encourage all Europeans who wish to live as free Men - and indeed all human beings globally - to carry out their own research into the fraudulent global banking and financial architecture which has enslaved the entire world. Please research Fractional Reserve Banking & (private) Central Banking)

As Goethe said:

” None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe to be free.”

And as Henry Ford prophetically stated:

” It is good that people do not understand the workings of the banking system. For if they did, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning…”

That “morning” is not far…

Following are the clauses in the EU Constitution ( Maastricht Treaty ) that (legally) financially & economically enslave all European citizens to the private international banksters:



Chapter 2

Monetary policy

Article 105a

1. The European Central Bank shall have the
exclusive right to authorize the issue of bank
notes within the Community.

The ECB and the national central banks may
issue such notes. The bank notes issued
by the ECB and the national central banks shall
be the only such notes to have the status of legal
tender within the Community.

Chapter 1

Economic policy

Article 104

1. Overdraft facilities or any other type of credit
facility with the ECB or with the central banks of
the Member States (hereinafter referred to as
“national central banks”) in favour of Community
institutions or bodies, central governments, regional,
local or other public authorities, other bodies
governed by public law, or public undertakings of
Member States shall be prohibited, as shall the
purchase directly from them by the ECB or national
central banks of debt instruments.

2. Member States may issue coins subject to
approval by the ECB of the volume of the issue…

Thus, European citizens have been enslaved with just these 2 paragraphs enshrined in the EU Constitution...Unfortunately, the vast majority of EU citizens have never read the EU constitution, and even those that did surely do not understand the tragic implications of these 2 articles…(i.e. economic & financial enslavement to the banksters)

Full EU Constitution can be downloaded at the
following link:


In fact the exact same looting mechanism which operates in the US through the privately-owned and controlled Federal Reserve BAnk (FED), worldwide through Central Banking and throughout the (so-called) Third Word countries through the IMF and the World Bank using the (so-called) “debt” as a weapon and an instrument of global economic and financial enslavement, is now (legally) operating in the EU through the European Central Bank (ECB), with the active support and (criminal) complicity of European governments.

As Tolstoy rightly stated:

” Money is a new form of slavery, distinguishable from chattel slavery simply from the fact that it has no visible master-slave relationship.”

Breaking free from this vicious and impoverishing trap cycle of economic & financial enslavement is a real “David vs Goliath” struggle for the entire world.

However, this deadly trap cycle MUST be broken to liberate humanity from perpetual economic slavery, oppression and mass poverty. Nothing less than the future of the entire human civilization is at stake.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link…”

There IS a solution to put an end to this enslavement: Peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation with the system…

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