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A recently published scientific study from South Africa claims to have genetically modified maize to cure the HIV-Aids virus. At the same time, however, another scientific study from the University of Georgia (US) has found that " HIV transmission frequency is positively associated with maize consumption in Africa." ( see below for details)

So the question is: Is maize a cure or a source for HIV-Aids infection...?

Maize as a cure for HIV:

GM Pharmaceutical maize

I recently came across the following scientific studies which claim to have developed a genetically modified (GMO) pharmaceutical maize as a cure for HIV in Africa…

An article titled “ Will corn help cure aids ? ” published in Scientific Blogging in May 2008 states:

scientists from the Universidad de Lleida in Spain have published a study confirming that maize seeds are an effective and sure platform within molecular agriculture to alleviate diseases. Over the next few years AIDS could be one of the first diseases to benefit from these results…”

In March, transgenic maize became the first plant to be developed commercially for medical use. The PNAS article (2) published the following findings: A maize seed with genes from the 2G12 antibody (already known for its capacity to neutralise infection from the virus) could produce antibodies against the transmission of HIV.”

The entire article and the published study can be read respectively at the following links:

Two years later ( June 2010) , scientists from South Africa published a paper titled - Creation of a high-yielding recombinant maize hybrid for the production of a microbicide to prevent HIV-1 transmission - which states in its Abstract:

The aim of this study was to use conventional breeding to increase the production in maize of the human monoclonal antibody 2G12, known to have potential therapeutic properties in the prevention of HIV-1 transmission.”

The recombinant antibody, together with a fluorescent marker, was introduced into two South African high-performing maize elite inbred lines by crossing them with a transgenic maize line that had been transformed with the monoclonal antibody 2G12. This plant-derived antibody provides a means of producing a microbicide component that could be used with other HIV-neutralising antibodies as an additional approach to prevent HIV infection.”

Links to the study:

Anti-HIV maize meal…

At about the same time, I received an email from a Kenyan company called Wanji’s that promotes and sells a maize meal called Wanjis Uji Special-HIV AIDS, which according to information published on their website is an “ immune booster made from a proximate blend of cereals and tubers and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals necessary to fight infectious cells and improve the CD4 count especially in people with chronic illnesses”, and has been developed to “ meet the specific nutritional needs of persons with immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV)...

Source & website:


However, while these studies and anti-HIV pharma maize and Wanji's maize meal products claim to fight HIV infections in Africa, another scientific study found that “ HIV transmission frequency is positively associated with maize consumption in Africa.

A scientific research paper from the University of Georgia recently published ( May 2010) in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition was undertaken to “ test the hypotheses that consumption of mycotoxin-prone staple foods is related to the incidence of HIV infection in Africa.”

Alarmingly, the lead researcher & author of the paper - Jonathan H William - found that “ HIV transmission frequency is positively associated with maize consumption in Africa.

Link to the Reuters article & to the published study:

ProdiGene & "edible" HIV maize vaccine...

Furthermore, while doing further research on this subject, I came across an investigative article written by Robert Wingfield which carried out further research into this issue and found a disturbing link between the conclusions of this study, and a US biotech company called Prodigene that in 2002 developed a GM 'pharma" maize containing a key protein found on the surface of the monkey form of HIV (gp120)to be used as an “edible vaccine” against the HIV virus…

An article published in the New Scientist on 12 April 2002 titled - Edible HIV vaccine breakthrough – states:

Maize genetically modified to contain a key protein found on the surface of the monkey form of HIV has been created by US company ProdiGene. This development brings an edible, more effective, HIV vaccine for people a step closer, says the US National Institutes of Health."

ProdiGene & USAID...

Furthermore, during the course of his investigative research, Robert Wingfield found that the CEO of the Prodigene – Anthony G Leos - was appointed as head of USAID in 2002 by President George Bush...

USAID & GM Food Aid

USAID is a US government (so-called) “aid” agency that is distributing millions of tons of GM (so-called) “food aid” across Africa & is aggressively & fraudulently promoting GM food crops in African agriculture to "fight hunger and poverty..." USAID itself clearly states that among other things its role is to "integrate GM into local food systems" and "spread agricultural technology through regions of Africa."

As Robert Wingfield writes :

" In summary, we have the president of a company producing HIV tainted strains of corn on the board of an organization ( USAID) that is involved in providing genetically modified crops to sub Saharan Africa, where corn consumption is now being linked to HIV infection rates."

Disturbing link & fact...


I let you research the subject further and draw your own conclusions...

I invite you to read the entire investigative article with links and references at the following link:

I have written to the lead researcher/author of the study - Jonathan H William - re. the findings of his research and the troubling link between Prodigene and USAID and other issues related to the findings of his study. You can read a copy of the correspondence exchanged between us published on this blog at the following link:

I let you think & draw your own conclusion as to whether maize promotes or cures HIV…?

Food for thought & for your life...(literally)

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