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Must Earth Human Beings obey and live according to the cruel Law of Nature which governs the animal kingdom – i.e. Survival of the Fittest - for its own individual and collective survival and upliftment? Or can it rise above it and obey a Higher Law which I define as “Uplifment of the Weakest” ?

Of course, human beings do not eat each other literally as is the case among animals - who are governed by this Law of Nature. But, isn’t socio-economic exploitation and oppression of weaker members of human society by the “fittest” not the same in essence?

Although humans do not “eat” weaker members of their society, they secure their own life and prosper at the expense of weaker human beings through economic exploitation, oppression, injustice, violence, dishonesty, theft, looting, war, etc.

As Gopi Krishna writes:

The cruel struggle for existence draws into play those resources of the body and properties of the mind which help one to overcome the other competitors and rivals in the race for survival. The emphasis of this struggle would therefore be on the strength of brain and muscle, on endurance and courage, on cleverness and wit, on strategy and cunning, on deceit and trickery, planning and plotting, falsehood and sham, or on violence and aggression, to achieve the dominating position in the battle.These are the traits that we continually see at work in the animal kingdom everywhere on land, in the ocean or the air.

But the moral virtues that have been highly regarded since the dawn of civilization and are admired even today are the very opposite of these traits. Innocence has a greater appeal to the heart than cleverness, frankness than duplicity, truth than falsehood, simplicity than sophistication, humility than pride, honesty than deception, self denial than indulgence, pacifism than aggression, calmness than violence, artlessness than deceit and trickery and so on. Some of these virtues are in direct opposition to the essential qualifications needed for the ruthless battle for self existence. But the learned have no awareness of the factors that have brought about this change in the instinctive armor necessary for survival.”1

“ The present-day world is a strange compound of opposites, a fantastic blend of anomalies and contrarieties. We establish democratic institutions to raise autocrats to power, and profess faith in God to ignore Him in our actions and elude Him in our thoughts. We profess concern for human beings and yet
devise methods for their total destruction at the same time. And we proclaim love for our nation while bleeding our weaker brethren white for gain.

We applaud fair play in order to have the larger share, and we honor justice in order to outwit the rest. We express brotherly love for our neighbors often just to malign him, and we show our burning desire for peace by secretly preparing for war.

Our science-oriented, glamorous culture has created a peculiar social environment ideally suited for highly sophisticated minds with a strongly marked polarity that makes them talk in one way and act in another.

We have developed minds which, without a single qualm of conscience, can sacrifice all that they profess of religion, faith, God, morals, virtue or lofty ideals, if that helps in our day-to-day pursuit of the objective dear to our heart, be it position, power, pleasure, fame or wealth”.2

Thus, by exploiting and oppressing weaker human beings, the "fittest" members of human society are indeed obeying and living according to the law of the jungle that governs the animal kingdom, namely – Survival of the Fittest.

We can therefore conclude that those who obey and live according to this lower Law of Nature are indeed animals and not Human Beings in the true sense of the word. Indeed this in essence - not our superior intellect - is the determining factor that differentiates a true Human Being from an animal. In fact, our superior intellect combined with our obedience to the law of the jungle makes us the most dangerous and destructive animals on this planet!

It therefore follows from the above that a true Human Being is someone who obeys and lives his life in conformity to a Higher Law which I define as Upliftment of the Weakest - in opposition to Survival of the Fittest.

Imagine the consequences on human society and civilization resulting from obeying and living according to this Higher Law: The fittest members of society helping to uplift the weaker members - instead of exploiting and oppressing them to promote their own selfish interests - as is the case now. Indeed, the entire economic architecture of Earth human beings is based on exploitation and oppression of weaker members of human society.

Surely it would revolutionize human civilization on Earth, uplift human society and put an end to human poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, war, conflict and unending and ever expanding human misery.

Utopian dream…?

Why can Earth humans not make this utopian dream a reality?

What is so utopian about it…?

"Alas!" said Zee, her grand face softening into an angel-like compassion, "this predominance of the few over the many is the surest and most fatal sign of a race incorrigibly savage. See you not that the primary condition of mortal happiness consists in the extinction of that strife and competition between individuals, which, no matter what forms of government they adopt, render the many subordinate to the few, destroy real liberty to the individual, whatever may be the nominal liberty of the state, and annul that calm of existence, without which, felicity, mental, or bodily, cannot be attained?

Our notion is, that the more we can assimilate life to the existence which our noblest ideas can conceive to be that of spirits on the other side of the grave, why, the more we approximate to a divine happiness here, and the more easily we glide into the conditions of being hereafter.

For, surely, all we can imagine of the life of gods, or of blessed immortals, supposes the absence of self-made cares and contentious passions, such as avarice and ambition. It seems to us that it must be a life of serene tranquillity, not indeed without active occupations to the intellectual or spiritual powers, but occupations, of whatsoever nature they be, congenial to the idiosyncrasies of each, not forced and repugnant--a life gladdened by the untrammelled interchange of gentle affections, in which the moral atmosphere utterly kills hate and vengeance, and strife and rivalry. Such is the political state to which all the tribes and families of the Vril-ya seek to attain, and towards that goal all our theories of government are shaped.

You see how utterly opposed is such a progress to that of the uncivilised nations from which you come, and which aim at a systematic perpetuity of troubles, and cares, and warring passions, aggravated more and more as their progress storms its way onward.

The most powerful of all the races in our world, beyond the pale of the Vril-ya, esteems itself the best governed of all political societies, and to have reached in that respect the extreme end at which political wisdom can arrive, so that the other nations should tend more or less to copy it. It has established, on its broadest base, the Koom-Posh--viz., the government of the ignorant upon the principle of being the most numerous. It has placed the supreme bliss in the vying with each other in all things, so that the evil passions are never in repose--vying for power, for wealth, for eminence of some kind; and in this rivalry it is horrible to hear the vituperation, the slanders, and calumnies which even the best and mildest among them heap on each other without remorse or shame."

"Some years ago," said Aph-Lin, "I visited this people, and their misery and degradation were the more appalling because they were always boasting of their felicity and grandeur as compared with the rest of their species. And there is no hope that this people, which evidently resembles your own, can improve, because all their notions tend to further deterioration.

They desire to enlarge their dominion more and more, in direct antagonism to the truth that, beyond a very limited range, it is impossible to secure to a community the happiness which belongs to a well-ordered family; and the more they mature a system by which a few individuals are heated and swollen to a size above the standard slenderness of the millions, the more they chuckle and exact, and cry out, `See by what great exceptions to the common littleness of our race we prove the magnificent results of our system!'"

"In fact," resumed Zee, "if the wisdom of human life be to approximate to the serene equality of immortals, there can be no more direct flying off into the opposite direction than a system which aims at carrying to the utmost the inequalities and turbulences of mortals. Nor do I see how, by any forms of religious belief, mortals, so acting, could fit themselves even to appreciate the joys of immortals to which they still expect to be transferred by the mere act of dying. On the contrary, minds accustomed to place happiness in things so much the reverse of godlike, would find the happiness of gods exceedingly dull, and would long to get back to a world in which they could quarrel with each other."3

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3. Excerpts from VRIL: THE DAWN OF THE COMING RACE By Lord Bulwer Lytton (1871)

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