Friday, October 07, 2016

Monsanto: Sordid mirror of humanity...?

We all vehemently blame and condemn Monsanto et al. for mass poisoning humanity, the environment and all web of Life on this planet to extinction. However, we conveniently omit to recognize and admit our own individual and collective responsibility in this morbid affair.

In fact, Monsanto et al. could never mass poison humanity without the willing, voluntary and active support of the overwhelming vast majority of humanity i.e. the billions of people who purchase and consume GMO's and pesticides laden so-called "food" worldwide through ignorance or worse through indifference; the corrupt politicians, scientists, scholars, farmers, traders, journalists, etc. who willingly covertly collaborate with Monsanto et al. out of greed.
In other words, Monsanto et al. are only a result and a sordid reflection of humanity's individual and collective choices and behavior; a sordid mirror of human "civilization" (never mind the oxymoron), society, choices, behavior, values, immorality and consciousness or lack thereof. Monsanto et al. would never exist in an enlightened and morally upright society.
Therefore, it is a pointless and self-defeating exercise to fight Monsanto et al. without changing our own sordid individual and collective choices, behavior, values, etc. The outer world is only a result and a mirror of our own individual and collective choices and consciousness; therefore to defeat Monsanto et al., we must fight and defeat our own sordid inner demons...

Toxic Food For Thought.

Arya Vrilya

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