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Last Christmas (2016), the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family, a Minister from his Cabinet ( Seamus O'Regan) and his "husband" (he is homosexual), the President of the Liberal party Anna Gainey and her husband Tom Pitfield spent their holidays on the Aga Khan IV's private Bell island in the Bahamas (pictured above).

Earlier this month, the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner of Canada - Mary Dawson - released her scathing investigative report in which she found and wrote that PM Justin Trudeau violated 4 clauses from the Conflict of Interest Act and Code by travelling on the Aga Khan's private helicopter and vacationing on the Aga Khan's private island.

In her report, Dawson writes (excerpts):

"Subsection 14(1) of the Members’ Code prohibits a Member and any member of the Member’s family from accepting, directly or indirectly, any gift or other benefit, except compensation authorized by law, that might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence the Member in the exercise of a duty or function of his or her office. Paragraph 11(2)(b) of the Act provides an exception from this prohibition where the gift or advantage is given by a relative or friend.

I found that Mr. Trudeau, as Prime Minister, contravened section 11 of the Act when he or his family accepted the gifts of hospitality from the Aga Khan and the use of his private island in March and December 2016. Because there was ongoing official business between the Government of Canada and the Aga Khan at the time each invitation was accepted, Mr. Trudeau, as Prime Minister, was in a position to be able to advance some of the matters of interest to the Aga Khan. As well, the Foundation was registered to lobby the Office of the Prime Minister at that time. For these reasons, I determined that the vacations accepted by Mr. Trudeau or his family might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence Mr. Trudeau.

I found that the exception provided in paragraph 11(2)(b) of the Act for gifts from relatives and friends did not apply in this case. Mr. Trudeau’s relationship with the Aga Khan was based on a family connection rooted in a friendship between the Aga Khan and Mr. Trudeau’s father thirty years earlier. However, there were no private interactions between Mr. Trudeau and the Aga Khan until Mr. Trudeau became Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. This led me to conclude that their relationship cannot be described as one of friends for the purposes of the Act."
Link to the entire report (PDF):…

In response to her damning report, PM Justin Trudeau offered Canadians a brief apology on TV by saying "I am sorry," all the while defending himself of breaching any conflict of interest and/or ethical codes by arguing that the Aga Khan is nothing more than a close family and personal "friend" who had invited the PM, his family and friends to spend the holidays with him on his private island in the Bahamas.

However, Mary Dawson wrote in her report that she did not find any convincing evidence during her investigations to support the claim that PM Justin Trudeau and the Aga Khan were only "friends" in the legal and true sense of the word. " I have already concluded in relation to section 11 that the relationship between Mr. Trudeau and the Aga Khan does not fall within the meaning of “friends” as contemplated for the purposes of the Act," writes Dawson.

Moreover, in 2016 while Justin Trudeau was serving as PM of Canada, the Aga Khan Foundation lobbied the Canadian government for funds and the Trudeau administration gave the Aga Khan Foundation a grant of +$49 MILLION, as the following official document from the Canadian government/Canadian Revenue Agency reveals:…/sr…/t3010form23sched6-eng.action…

The Aga Khan is the Chairman and one of the directors of the Aga Khan Foundation which is registered in Canada to lobby the Canadian government for funds, including the Prime Minister's Office. To date (2017), the Canadian government has granted the Aga Khan Foundation in excess of $330 MILLION for so-called "humanitarian" and "development" projects in mostly Africa and Asia.

As Mary Dawson writes in her report:

" The Aga Khan is the founder and chair of the board of directors of the Aga Khan Development Network, the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (Foundation) and the Global Centre for Pluralism. He has a long-standing relationship with the Government of Canada, which since 1981 has contributed nearly $330 million to projects supported by the Foundation.

I found that Mr. Trudeau contravened section 21 of the Act when he did not recuse himself from discussions that provided an opportunity to improperly further the private interest associated with one of the institutions of the Aga Khan and that he contravened section 5 for failing to arrange his private affairs to avoid such an opportunity. As well, the Foundation was registered to lobby the Office of the Prime Minister at that time."

In response to questions by the press about these blatant conflict of interests, PM Justin Trudeau had difficulty forming a coherent sentence let alone uttering a coherent response, as this embarrasing video reveals:…/trudeau-explains-why-he-didnt-consi…

Note: The princely Christmas vacation of Prince Minister Justin Trudeau and his family cost Canadian taxpayers + $215,000 ~ the equivalent of several years of labor/wages for the average Canadian! And while Prince Minister Justin Trudeau and his family lavishly celebrate Christmas on a private island in the Bahamas with his lobbyist "friend" using Canadian taxpayers money, millions of hard working canadians are struggling daily to make ends meet every month in Canada...

Arya Vrilya

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