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Vaccines trigger a "cytokine storm" of the immune system, leading to severe and permanent neurological disorders, brain injuries and autism.

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The term “immune activation” describes the activation of the cellular components of the immune system. The developing brain can be injured by immune activation, with life-long consequences (Meyer 2009, Deverman 2009, Estes 2016, neusel 2014, Careaga 2017, Meyer 2014). Immune activation injury is linked to autism, schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses or neurodevelopmental disorders. Immune activation effects on the brain are mediated by immune system signaling molecules, especially cytokines (Estes 2016, Meyer 2014, Smith 2007, Choi 2016, Pineda 2013).

Human brain development is controlled by immune-system signals (i.e. “cytokines”). Activation of the immune system during brain development causes disruptions in these signals, resulting in permanent brain injury. The injury manifests as autism, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Adverse vaccine reactions are proven to stimulate a cytokine (interleukin-6) proven to cause autism.

In the maternal immune activation experiments, inflammatory signaling and some cytokines (e.g. IL-6) traverse the placenta into the fetus. Consequently, immune activation in the mother causes immune activation and elevated cytokines in the fetus, and in the fetal brain (Oskvig 2012, Ghiani 2011).

Diverse evidence indicates that the brain can be adversely affected by postnatal immune activation. Postnatal immune activation experiments, human case reports, and consideration of brain development timelines suggest that the human brain is vulnerable to immune activation injury for years after birth.

Postnatal immune activation can have adverse neurological effects, including increased seizure susceptibility (Chen 2013,Galic 2008), learning and memory deficits (Harre 2008), and an increase in excitatory synapse formation (Shen 2016). Seizure disorders, learning and memory dysfunction, and elevated excitatory signaling are associated with autism.

The timing of brain development processes in humans supports the idea that the human brain is vulnerable to immune activation and cytokines in the first few years after birth, when vaccines are administered. Disruption of synaptogenesis by vaccine induced immune activation is a particular concern. The accumulating evidence indicates that vaccine-induced immune activation, and aluminum adjuvants in particular, may cause mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism.

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