Thursday, April 24, 2008

GLOBALISATION: The new Triangular Trade...

"Globalisation:" the new triangular trade of the 21st century.

The rules that regulate global trade are drawn by the industrialized (G8) countries and biased in their favor; the logic of the international rules regulating world trade are to source out the cheapest raw materials (neo-colonialism), produce in labor-cheap countries (neo-slavery) and re-export the finished products all over the globe at phenomenal profits, through the exploitation of both labor and resources in so-called Third World countries. (neo-imperialism). This strategy is referred to as “globalization”.

500 years ago, during Slavery, European Imperialism and Colonialism, global trade was based on what is historically labelled the Triangular Trade: Slaves were "imported" from Africa into the New World to work on plantations; the raw materials produced on these plantations ( coton, sugar, etc) were then shipped to the "old world" ( Europe) to be processed into finished goods; and finally, the finished goods were re-exported for sale throughout the world, in exchange for slaves, gold, and other "riches".

The new global trading system referred to as "globalisation" today is simply a new form of triangular trade. It is a global trading system which is based on both massive human exploitation and on the exploitation of natural resources in so-called "third world" countries.

Multinationals corporations loot mineral and other natural resources in so-called third world countries ( with the active support and hidden complicity of local politicians), export the looted raw materials in low-wage countries - such as India and China - to be processed into finished products using slave-wages and slave working conditions, and then re-export and sell the finished products in high wage countries - such as the US and the EU - at HUGE profits.

Thus, nothing has changed over the last 500 years; the gunpowder of Imperialism, the chains and whips of slavery and the looting, exploitation and human oppression that occured during the colonial era has simply been replaced by the the new global trading system referred to as "Globalisation", leading to the globalisation of poverty!

Globalization in its current form creates and sustains poverty and inequalities in the rest of the world!

Global exploitation of both labor and resources in so-called Third World countries is the foundation of globalization and leads to the globalization of poverty!

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